Wipro Fires 300 Employees Involved In Moonlighting For Extra Income

Wipro has fired their 300 employees who were doing their full-time job & getting the full salary. But they were working for other rival companies for extra income.

Rishad Premji, the executive chairman of the company, said on Wednesday that Wipro terminated the employment of 300 employees who it found were working for its rivals while still receiving salary from the first company (i.e. Wipro).

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Moonlighting is the activity of working two or more jobs simultaneously, and remote work has encouraged individuals to do so. 

In India, there is disagreement about whether software and IT companies should permit their staff to work part-time jobs for other businesses while still receiving income from them.

What Is Moonlighting?

The term “moonlighting” refers to working multiple jobs in addition to one’s full time job. Moonlighting is the phrase used to describe the practice of working for another organization while dedicating oneself to one’s primary workplace, usually without the employer’s knowledge. 

Employers have voiced opposition to the practice, arguing that it can reduce productivity when employees handle multiple jobs.

As work from home became the trend during the Covid-19 crisis, which is thought to have caused an increase in multiple employment for extra income, moonlighting has come under investigation in the IT industry.

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Moonlighting Warnings From IT Companies

The majority of IT corporations have strengthened their opposition to moonlighting and warned to fire employees who are found to be working two jobs.

Moonlighting could be viewed as unfair competition if an employee’s contract stipulates non-compete restrictions and exclusive employment.

Chief Operating Officer (CFO) NG Subramaniam of Tata Consultancy Services described it as an ethical dilemma.

The “industry-first” policy of enabling on-payroll employees to take on work or projects outside of their normal employment has been published by food delivery companies like Swiggy.

Employees at Infosys have been told not to take on additional employment without first informing the business. 

Infosys recently reminded all of its employees to study their work contracts before accepting a different job in one of the letters sent to staff members by the HR department. 

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In fact, the employer also issued a warning that if an employee accepted a second job during or after working hours, they risked being fired.

However Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani asserted that he had no issue with staff taking on side jobs. If the practice gives employees a chance to earn extra cash, he might be agreeable to it.

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